Yacht and Powerboat Pre purchase surveys are to help prospective purchasers to identify whether a particular boat they are interested in is right for them and can include a valuation at additional cost. This is a full condition survey covering every aspect of the boat. Can be used for finance and insurance purposes aswell. 

  • So if you're worrying about getting a bad deal or buying a liability, avoiding the use of the rose tinted glasses, being objective and need some protection then this is the survey for you.

Marine Condition Survey. This would be tailored to you requirements in selling the boat, it will help you identify any obstacles, make sure your paperwork is all in order, it is a great maketing tool as it would save the prospective purchaser money, you get to sell the boat ahead of everyone else and get the best price! Another reason for a condition survey would be for your own use, perhaps you are planning world cruising, you might need help and guidance on a refit or other works.

Marine Insurance/Condition surveys: These are often requested by an insurance company prior to insuring a boat for the first time or during the course of continued insurance. If a recent prepurchase survey has been carried out then this could be used by the insurers. 

It might be that you want to take stock of the boat you have owned for some time but it needs a bit of "TLC" and you are not sure where to start/finish and how much it is going to cost?

Other reasons for a condition survey for your own use, perhaps you are planning world cruising and need to prepare the boat, you might need help and guidance on a refit or other works as examples

Marine Finance and Valuation surveys: These are often asked for by finance companies arranging a loan or marine mortgage on a particular vessel. They also asked for by solicitors dealing with probate and other matters. 

Boat Damage and Repair Surveys: In the event of an accident, collision or fire your insurers will send a surveyor who assesses the situation on behalf of the insurers aswell as advising you on the way to proceed. If you were not making an insurance claim you would employ a surveyor directly to perform the same role and advise on the repair shedule and oversee repairs if required.

Hull structural survey: This concentrates on the structure of the vessel primarily to identify the condition and does not involve comment on systems, furnishings and finish.

We are able to carry out Yacht Mast and Rigging Inspections but would require a competant crew member to be on hand to winch the surveyor aloft.

We can arrange a full engine survey from a fully qualified engineer. We can also make arrangements to have oils tested in gearboxes and engines.

The Full condition or Prepurchase survey would cover

Hull, Deck and Structure

  1. Details of Subject Vessel (General Description, Dimensions, Registration)
  2. Method of construction
  3. Keel(s) if fitted  
  4. Hull below Waterline
  5. Hull above Waterline (topsides) incl any rubbing band etc.
  6. Bathing platforms, Davits and Boarding Ladders
  7. Deck and raised coachroof Moulding/structure including the cockpit
  8. Upper steering position on a power boat or motoryacht
  9. Hull/Deck Join
  10. Bulkheads/Structural Stiffening including Internal Mouldings

Steering, Stern Gear, and Skin Fittings etc.

  • Rudder(s) and Steering
  • Stern Gear
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Skin Fittings and other through Hull Apertures

On Deck

  • Main Companionway and other Accesses to Accommodation
  • Portlights, Windows, Hatches etc.
  • Pulpit, Stanchions, Pushpit, Lifelines & Jackstays
  • Rigging Attachment Points
  • Ground Tackle and Mooring Arrangements
  • Other Deck Gear and Fittings
  • Covers and associated fittings

Mast and Rigging (if fitted)

  • Spars
  • Standing Rigging
  • Running Rigging
  • Sails and Covers etc.


  • Engine and Installation
  • Fuel System
  • Machinery spaces
  • Generating sets if fitted

Accommodation and On Board Systems

  • Accommodation General
  • Gas Installation
  • Fresh Water Tanks and Delivery systems inc watermakers
  • Toilet systems
  • Electrical Installation and systems
  • Electronic and Navigation Equipment
  • Heating and refrigeration
  • Air conditioning


  • Navigation Lights and signalling devices
  • Bilge Pumping Arrangements
  • Firefighting Equipment
  • Lifesaving and Emergency Equipment

All surveys are written to be clearly understood by any reader.

We are happy to travel anywhere in the UK, there will be a charge made if over 60 miles radius from our base in Hambrook.

We are also happy to travel across the world to look at any yacht or powerboat. The cost would be travel time and expenses.

Simply Marine Surveys and Consultants carrys full professional indemnity and third party insurance aswell as yacht yard indemnity.