When you contact us for a quote or advice through our website, by email or on the phone we make a note of your name and email address and phone number, the date and the nature of your inquiry. This information is entered manually onto record cards.

We will not pass on or sell any of this inquiry data and do not contact any of you who have sent details for any marketing communications, only to follow up with any new information in the future. If you wish us to delete any of this data we hold we will do so.

If you engage us to carry out work for you, we will send you an agreement and ask you to confirm your name, for your address and include your email and phone number that we hold and the nature of the work you have engaged us to do. This will be your consent in writing for us to be able to use your details as described. We need this information to put on your report and to create an invoice aswell.

The invoices and reports, along with your details are held on our computer and sometimes hard copies produced, required by law for at least 6 years. We maintain a comprehensive cyber security arrangement to protect all our data as well as yours.

Except where by law we have to maintain records all other data can be destroyed unless by agreement you are happy for us to keep it so we can keep in contact with you in the future as we view our working relationship as on going, you may buy another boat or need help and advice with your existing boat. Whatever the circumstance we are always on hand. 

Please be assured that if you request we will destroy all data you have provided immeadiately except that which we have a legal duty to keep. All your data is your property and in maintaining our records with your consent we look after it with the utmost care and attention.

The email enquiry and email chains remain in our email account archive. If you wish us to delete this please ask.

We will not and never will pass any details to a third party for any marketing purpose. 

We would like to email all our valued customers to request feedback or review on various sites from time to time. We will in future ask you on our agreement paperwork if you are happy to do this. We will contact all our existing database to obtain such agreement or will destroy all records

We do not ask for or hold any payment details.

Any businesses we deal with that we pay via bank transfer, we do not hold the bank account details, this will be held by the banks.

I hope this is helpful and informative, you have all rights over the data we have which you are welcome to check and correct at anytime and of course delete. If you have any objections or restrictions or you would like to voice a comment on any of the above please feel free to get in touch.

Adrian Matthews